RIM’s BlackBerry PlayBook tablets are unique among the company’s current-generation hardware as they’re the only ones, according to leaked RIM documents, at least, that are on-track for getting upgrades to BlackBerry 10 when it arrives early next year. We’ve been hearing that sometime before then, RIM would come out with a 4G-capable PlayBook, and we caught a glimpse at what looks like the tablet back in April (above). More recently, there have been rumors that the manufacturer would use the opportunity of introducing a new model to upgrade the tablet’s processor, as well. Now the new 4G LTE PlayBook looks like it’s getting just about ready to launch, with one leak suggesting it could be coming to Canada on July 31.

While this date only deals with Bell, presumably other carriers will follow suit at the same time, and we’ll also start seeing the tablet arrive internationally.

The leak further backs-up what we heard about a new processor, moving from a dual-core 1GHz chip to a 1.5GHz component. Supposedly, the new tablet will sell off-contract for close to $550; it remains to be seen if that high price will be a turn-off, considering just how cheap WiFi-only PlayBooks have become.

Source: Mobile Syrup
Via: CrackBerry

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