3 New Killer Features Added to LauncherPro (video)

Not long ago I showed you LauncherPro beta, a replacement launcher for Android 2.x devices.

While the app was full-featured before, what the developer has done with it since we last talked is nothing short of amazing.

In this video I’ll show you have I think are 3 of the coolest new features recently added to this already awesome app.

First up, the customizable, scrolling dock. What used to only house the app drawer (with a lot of wasted space on either side) now can contain up to five icons — one of which can be the App Drawer. But what makes this really cool is the ability to swipe it left or right to get another two sets of icons. This expands your quick-launch apps to 15. What a brilliant use of space! You can add whatever shortcuts you want and use either the app’s default icon, or one of LauncherPro’s icons (which have their benefits, but we’ll talk about that later on). You can also specify one of a few built-in backgrounds to sit behind the dock, or supply your own custom background.

Next, scrolling widgets. There are two launcher apps that I know of (LauncherPro and ADW.Launcher) that have the capability of displaying scrollable widgets. Of course, a widget has to be built to support scrolling, but those that do can show you basic information at a glance, and let you scroll data within the widget just like you would in the full app. Very slick.

And last, back to the dock and the “LauncherPro icons”. These icons are translucent, monochrome, and look sleek and polished. They’re really nice. What’s more, you can configure LauncherPro to include notifications on those icons for missed calls, text messages waiting, and unread Gmails. VERY cool! With this feature and a few widgets you can take advantage of another LauncherPro feature: turning off the Notification bar on the homescreen (see the video for more on that).

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