Playing with Fire: 3 fun things to do on the Amazon Fire Phone (Video)

The Amazon Fire Phone is still a newcomer to our labs, but it’s already been reviewed in several publications the world over. The verdict thus far: this might not be the phone you bring home to momma – not yet, anyway.

Though we offered some initial impressions on the Fire Phone in the latest episode of the Pocketnow Weekly podcast and in the unboxing video embedded below, our minds are still chewing on the question of whether Amazon’s first smartphone deserves to exist. The answer will have to wait for our full review coming (very) soon, but in the interim, we thought we’d whip up another video for our popular “Fun Things To Do” series. Following on the heels of Taylor Martin’s fun tours of the Moto X and LG G3, we’ve cobbled together 3 fun things to do with the Amazon Fire Phone!

Join us for this quick look at the cool stuff the Fire Phone can do –from Dynamic Perspective tricks to just how firmly you need to “flick that wrist”– and be sure to see what comes in the box with the embedded unboxing below. Then take a peek at what the Fire Phone hardware looks like in photos before coming back for our Fire Phone review later this week!

Amazon Fire Phone: 3 fun things

Amazon Fire Phone unboxing: “hotness” in the house

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