3 Chassis for Windows Phone 7 Series

Perhaps the three different chassis represents three different series for Windows Phone 7 Series? Whatever the case, the second chassis details have been leaked after we’ve known sometime about chassis 1. There still isn’t anything known about chassis 3, except that that series of devices will exist.

In regards to the first chassis, those Windows Phone 7 devices are said to support a large touchscreen, beefy processor, and dedicated graphics cards for some intense multimedia experiences.

Chassis 2 is said to support physical hardware keyboards.

It looks like Microsoft is still maintaining some hardware diversity while trying to ensure that the platform is consistent and doesn’t suffer from fragmentation issues, something that we’re beginning to witness with Android.

For more discussion about Windows Phone 7 Series, join us in talking about what the platform does right and what it fails to do.

(via: ZDNet)

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