27 million in US own an Alexa speaker, NPR and Edison Research say

The undisputed leader in smart speakers, at least in the United States, is Amazon. So says a new report co-authored by NPR and Edison Research.

The Smart Audio Report found in a composite of survey results that about 16 percent of American adults own a smart speaker, or, about 39 million people. 69 percent of owners report that their device uses the services of Amazon Alexa — the assistant debuted in front of what would be a blooming crowd in 2015. The remainder said they had one with Google Assistant.

Over the holidays, 7 percent of 1,010 telephone survey respondents said they bought a speaker and just over half of them said that it was their first one.

Smart speakers have demonstrated their staying power, with usage replacing at least some time that would’ve been spent on computers (26 percent of owners said yes to the suggestion), television (30 percent), traditional radios (39 percent) and even smartphones (34 percent). Only 16 percent say that they use their speakers less often than when they first got it while 51 percent they use them more often − the remaining 33 percent reported more or less the same amount of usage since their first month of ownership.

64 percent of owners expressed interest in integrating assistants with their vehicle’s media system. 31 percent said that they used their speaker to control smart home devices in the past week. 22 percent said they bought a product they had not purchased before through the speaker’s assistant.

806 people were surveyed online the week of November 17 while 1,010 others were phoned the week of December 26. You can take a look at the full dataset at the source link below this story.


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