24 hours with the Samsung Galaxy S8+: what do you want in a big phone? (Video)

It takes more than a day to get through the cream and chrome of a new phone. Fortunately for us, it seems like our readers (hello!) enjoy that bit of the review process, so we’d thought to share it with you.

And boy, has Juan Carlos Bagnell already put his Galaxy S8+ through his hands. And over his hands. And nearly off his hands. Yeah, even though the phone’s a pleasure to hold for one that has a 6.2-inch… well, a 98 sq cm scr-… well, it’s a big and dense screen.

But it’s designed to stand far apart from other reciprocating hardware features like the fingerprint sensor for authentication and pretty much all of the software that happens to exist in the top quarter of said Infinity Display. You know, where your fingers don’t reach right.

Obviously, we’re still working out how we feel about the larger of the two Galaxies this spring. We’ll have more thoughts and real editorial coverage soon — in fact, we dished out on the bundled-in AKG headphones and the built-in audio situation already.

Until then, enjoy this 24-hour status report.

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