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2023 iPhone SE refresh might pack a bigger display with a radical design change

By Nadeem Sarwar April 1, 2021, 3:16 pm
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Ever since the iPhone X made its debut with a boat-shaped notch hiding the Face ID hardware, Apple has not deviated from that design language. The sole exception to that trend has been the iPhone SE line-up, which is loyal to an even older design trend with thick bezels. But earlier this month, we heard rumors that Apple is experimenting with a hole-punch design for some iPhones in 2022. Now, DisplaySearch and DSCC analyst, Ross Young, has predicted that the 2023 iPhone SE refresh will go with a larger display rocking hole-punch aesthetics.

For the notch, will Apple go centered, or will it take the cornered approach?

Ross tweeted that the iPhone SE upgrade destined for 2023 will come fitted with a larger 6.1-inch display that has a hole-punch drilled at the top. For comparison, the 2020 iPhone SE refresh features a 4.7-inch display and has unsightly bezels with the same design language as the iPhone 6. As for the iPhone SE model that is set to debut in 2022, Ross predicts a 4.7-inch display for this one as well, most likely with the same old design.



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Now, going with a hole-punch design language makes a lot of sense, assuming Ross’ prediction proves to be the real deal. A hole-punch design means we won’t see a notch – and thus, Face ID hardware – on the iPhone SE refresh for 2023. What this means is Apple will be saving some money on the Face ID system, and might equip the device with an in-display Touch ID, something that has been rumored to be on Apple’s roadmap as well.

A hole-punch means no Face ID hardware. And that means lower production cost.

For an ‘affordable’ iPhone – the 2023 iPhone SE in this case – removing the expensive Face ID hardware will definitely help Apple keep the cost in check. We’ve recently heard rumors of an iPhone SE Plus with a larger 6-inch+ display being in the pipeline as well, but it won’t likely arrive this year. TFI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo recently mentioned in one of his investors’ notes that ‘some iPhones’ might flaunt a hole-punch design next year. But there is no word whether it refers to the core iPhone line-up, or the ‘SE’ family.

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