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2022 holidays are reportedly missing from iPhone Calendar in the UK, Australia, and other countries

By Sanuj Bhatia January 6, 2022, 2:30 am
iPhone Calendar 2022 missing holidays

According to a new report from MacRumors, public holidays of 2022 are missing from the iPhone's Calendar app for a lot of users worldwide. Apple's Calendar app automatically sync and shows the public holidays. However, the holidays are missing from the Calendar app according to many users. The report claims that the iPhone Calendar app doesn't show 2022 holidays for a lot of users in the regions including the United Kingdom, Australia, Spain, Germany, Portugal, Sweden, and Denmark.

The issue was first reported in the mid of 2021, according to the report. Since the reports about the issue had been issued so many months ago, users were in the hope that it will get fixed by the year 2022 starts. But, the new year is here, and Apple is still 'working' on a fix.

‌iPhone‌ users began asking about the missing 2022 holidays starting in mid-2021, and some assumed that the holidays would make an appearance when it rolled around to January 2022, but that has not happened.

The issue isn't widespread, but worth noting. Public holidays are showing up correctly for the users in the US, Canada, and other countries, but not for some users in the regions mentioned above. The report points out that the issue might be related to the newer operating systems. According to the report, the issue doesn't exist on the older iOS versions, "but it's not clear which versions of iOS are affected".

Thankfully, Apple has started working on a fix and the holidays are starting to show up for a lot of users. In case you're in the UK and don't see the 2022 public holidays, you can download the file provided by the government. It is in the format compatible with the ‌iPhone‌ (ICS).

Via: MacRumors


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