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Upcoming 2022 Google Nest Hub could feature a detachable tablet

By Sanuj Bhatia March 25, 2022, 1:14 am
Google Nest Hub featured image Source: Pocketnow Video

Google's Nest Hub is arguably one of the best smart home speakers (and displays) you can get. Till now, the company has released three smart home devices with a display. A report from 9to5Google now claims that Google is working on a Nest Hub for 2022 that will feature a detachable tablet.

The report says that Google's next Nest Smart Display will feature a screen that can be removed from the dock of the speaker and used independently as a tablet. After you're done with using the screen like a tablet, you'll be able to dock the display back to the base of the smart home speaker and use it more as a traditional Nest Hub setup.


The report then details that Google has previously worked to improve the Nest Hub experience by adding more "interface elements to the 2nd-gen Nest Hub and Nest Hub Max." Citing the features, the report says that Google recently added an app drawer (sort of) to the Nest Hub and now the smart home speaker also features a feature-rich web browser with proper web browsing functionalities.

According to a source that has proven familiar with Google’s plans, the next Nest Smart Display will have a removable screen that can be used as a tablet. It attaches to the base/speaker for a more conventional-looking smart home device. [...] In terms of launch, we’ve heard 2022 attached to this new Nest Hub tablet.

Both of these additions can be taken as the groundwork for such a device. However, one question still remains unanswered. What OS will it run on? Google currently has three major OSes: Chrome OS, Android, and Fuchsia OS for smart home devices.

As the report cites, Chrome OS would be a power-hungry OS for such a smart speaker. Android would open the door to a lot of apps, but it will also require power-hungry hardware. While the other two options sound unviable, we expect the 2022 Google Nest Hub to run on a rich version of Fuchsia OS. 9to5Google says that Google has plans to launch this device in 2022, so maybe we'll hear more about this product at Google I/O 2022.

What are your thoughts on Google launching a Nest Hub with a detachable tablet? Would you be interested in buying such a smart home speaker + display? Let us know in the comments section below!

Google Nest Hub Max Product Box Image

Google Nest Hub

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Source: 9to5Google


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