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2020 iPhones could have redesigned Face ID and antennas for 5G

By Anton D. Nagy October 23, 2019, 8:00 am
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According to reports, Apple might be planning on upgrading its Face ID hardware, in its attempt to slim down, or possibly get rid of the notch. Face ID prototypes are allegedly being tested. These include new optics and are generally smaller in order to fit the top bezel, Ben Geskin reports on Twitter.

Geskin also claims that 2020 iPhones will feature larger antenna lines, by a millimeter or so, in order to support 5G connectivity. They will also use a different material, like glass, ceramic, or sapphire, instead of plastic.

Last, but not least, according to the same report, Apple is planning on allegedly ditching the Lightning port, eventually. Instead, Apple will be relying on wireless charging and data transfer based on Ultra WideBand technology, with transfer speeds up to 480Mbps within 3 meters, and 110Mbps within 10 meters.

Some of these reports make sense for the 2020 iPhone, some could me more far fetched. We’ll report back as soon as we hear more, as the 2020 iPhones are still far out.


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