2019 iPhones rumored to finally ditch Lightning for USB-C

Apple is rumored to be switching out the power adapters for its new iPhones this year, going from 5W full USB cubes to 18W USB-C blocks, all connecting to the phones themselves through Lightning.

Ah, Lightning. The 8-pin connector has been with iPhone, iPad and iPod users since 2012 and the iPhone 5 as the first reversible port standard that was easily accessible to consumers. However, since then, USB-C seems to have taken the lead not just in phones, but in laptops and desktops — the Macs and MacBooks come to mind — and other periphery as well.

With that in mind, I/O hardware vendors have been speculating and have apparently heard, according to Digitimes, that Apple will switch the iPhone over completely from Lightning to USB-C in 2019. Sources claim that the company has been in redesign mode to accommodate the technology and was originally set to debut the change this year.

Apple has a lineage of proprietary ports such as FireWire and Thunderbolt (co-developed with Intel) and Ultra Accessory Connector. UAC has yet to take off publicly, Thunderbolt is now solely worked on by Intel and has taken the shape of USB-C and FireWire has given way, as just said, to USB-C.

If Cupertino does not have a new innovative port standard to show off in the near future, this move might make sense.

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