2019 iPhone lineup could be thinner and lighter with new touch-integrated screens

Apple could be working with Samsung to deliver a thinner and lighter iPhone for next year, or at least that’s what a supply-chain report says.

Apparently, Samsung has given Apple an idea to keep them excited about their OLED panels. Apple could’ve decided to include a new touch-integrated OLED panel to at least one iPhone model next year. This would most likely be the highest end device, which would have a different construction to what we find in current iPhones. Current devices use a separate touch-sensitive layer on top of the phone’s display. This change would make a new model thinner and lighter, well a little. This new technology, called Y-Octa is supposedly being in development and manufacturing by Samsung Display, and even though it could be limited only to the most expensive model of 2019, we could probably see it in all models in a not so distant future.

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