2019 iPhone 11 square camera Olixar

If you trust accessories for phones not yet announced, listed on pre-order on websites, then here is your confirmation of the triple-camera system for the iPhone 11 and 11 Max. Apparently Olixar’s tempered glass camera protectors for the 2019 iPhones are up for pre-order on Mobile Fun’s website, and they look pretty much like the renders we’ve recently seen.

The price isn’t the question here, so we won’t even mention that. However, while the iPhone 11 is listed on Olixar’s official webpage, no accessories are available officially there.

There’s also a listing for the iPhone Xr’s successor, which looks to have the same square camera hump, only that it’s missing one camera, for a total of two, up from the single camera last year.

And, if you were wondering where exactly have you just recent seen something similar, Google has leaked its own Pixel 4, which has a similar square hump, with three cameras, but arranged differently and with smaller lenses.

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