Here we go again: 2017 iPhone trio rumored to include LCD duo, Samsung-supplied OLED 5.8-incher

Ready for the latest in a seemingly endless, tension-killing, superfluous and insanely nagging speculative 2017 iPhone report onslaught? No? Tough noogies, because like it or not, that’s exactly what you’re getting today, just a few short days after dubious “medium-sized” 5-inch 7s gossip, and a measly week on the heels of rumors centered on a glorious-sounding Ferrari codename.

You could always choose to look away or ignore everything until Apple officially announces next fall’s iPhone 7 and 7 Plus sequels, but let’s face it, closely following this “boring” lead-up and simultaneously complaining about it has become every mobile tech enthusiast’s favorite guilty pleasure.

Besides, we’re almost inclined to trust Taiwanese publication Digitimes for a change here, as its notoriously unpredictable “supply chain sources” claim the 2017 iPhone family will be comprised of standard 4.7 and 5.5-inch TFT LCD screen models, as well as an exotic new AMOLED 5.8-incher.

No words on branding this time around, but that old story about Samsung prospectively manufacturing all necessary 2017 iPhone OLED panels gains a bit of extra credence. Apparently, Cupertino’s occasional partner/constant arch-rival can supply “20 million units in maximum a month”, the long-term goal being to ship between 60 and 70 million of these jumbo-sized, possibly borderless and dual-curved iPhone 8 copies for all of next year.

That’s quite an ambitious objective, as it doesn’t include the incremental 4.7 and 5.5-inch iPhone 7s variants, though it’s probably an attainable one if Apple throws caution to the wind.

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