After an iPhone 6s that did little to convince us we needed to upgrade from the 6, it’s nearly time for Apple’s hardware cycle to bring us a slightly more inspired iPhone, a model that breaks from tradition enough to really get us excited about some new functionality. But with rumors of features like dual cameras (and even then only on certain models) and a disappearing headphone jack, will the iPhone 7 we’ve been hearing about really do enough to justify its full-number step forward in the iPhone family line? Some days it feels like we’re coming across just as many rumors talking not about this fall’s iPhone 7, but of bigger and better changes rumored for 2017’s iPhone. Now a new report suggests that Apple may really take that idea of big upgrades and run with it, giving us not just an iPhone 7 this year, but skipping the iPhone 7s altogether and following it right up with the iPhone 8 in 2017.

From the OLED screen stuff we’ve been hearing from so many angles, to other hardware changes like Apple possibly ditching a physical home button or finally implementing wireless charging, the 2017 iPhone is stacking up to be an arguably much more interesting handset than the iPhone 7 due a few months from now. Assuming Apple can bring itself to break from tradition, it makes a solid amount of sense to give next year’s model a name reflective of the extent of those upgrades.

It’s an intriguing theory, but probably isn’t much more than that for now. The notion comes to us from a new analyst report, suggesting it’s as much guesswork and instinct as based on hard evidence from market sources. And frankly, with the 2017 iPhone as far away as it is, it’s entirely possible that Apple itself has yet to settle on the phone’s final branding.

Source: MacRumors

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