More news from Barclays Research today indicates that the iPhone 8 won’t be the only bezelless game in Cupertino. In fact, a new 10.9-inch model iPad may make first waves with its lack of side bezels.

Rumors have told us to brace for three iPad releases, all of them under the “Pro” moniker, sometime next spring. Two screen sizes seem to waver around the 9.7 inch range and the 12.9 inch range. One form factor is said to feature a 7.9-inch screen — an “iPad Pro mini,” if you will.

But analysts now claim that there will be a new iPad with a 10.9-inch screen and the physical dimensions of the existing 9.7-inch form factor. Furthermore, the new 9.7-inch iPad Pro might only be “pro” in its name as it is expected to be sold as a “low-cost” tablet, along side that 7.9-inch model.

In other words, we’re probably looking at two pairs of new iPads with different target markets rather than three iPad Pros next year. But the waiting continues anyways.

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