Latest 2017 iPhone gossip calls for borderless display with embedded sensors

It’s crazy, but even though we’re likely still a few months away from the introduction of the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, some industry analysts and trusted tipsters have already turned their attention to this next generation’s inevitable sequels.

You can of course blame it on increasingly plausible rumors of yet another design rehash for the fall of 2016, which is not only disappointing, but also inconsistent with Apple’s traditional release cycle and past upgrade timetable.

We were supposed to get a major redesign this year, not just dual cameras, a so-called Smart Connector, and subtler antenna lines. On the bright side, if you’re patient, 2017 might bring the biggest ever aesthetical transformation for the iPhone family since the adoption of the phablet form factor. Possibly, even bigger than that.

Figuratively speaking, not literally, obviously, as the 5.8-inch iPhone 7s Plus (or 8) could well squeeze into the body of a 5.5-inch 6s or 7. Only one way to do that, and connected writer, blog publisher, UI designer and podcast host John Gruber cites scuttlebutt he’s “independently” heard of late to indeed allude to a complete removal of screen bezels.

The long overdue “all-new form factor” will purportedly get rid of the “chin and forehead of the phone”, and so “the entire face will be the display.” Where might stuff like the Touch ID fingerprint sensor and front-facing camera go if such a radical change is implemented? They’ll “somehow” be embedded in the edge-to-edge panel, believe it or not, which we already “know” is supposed to use OLED technology from several suppliers, including Samsung.

Another major revision could see the iPhone 7s or 8 ditch aluminum and embrace an all-glass construction instead, according to a separate source. Okay, can we skip over the repetitive 7 and fast forward directly to this innovative powerhouse duo?

Source: MacRumors

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