Here’s what the 2015 Moto E camera can do

Unlike Apple’s iPhone or Nokia’s Lumia series, phones from Motorola have been a mixed bag when it comes to camera performance. Depending on whether the smartphone in question is a high-end flagship or a low-end entry-level handset, the quality of pictures taken can vary widely. The camera in question today is that which is nestled snugly into the 2015 version of the Moto E. Just how good is the 2015 Moto E Camera?

The Past

Before we answer that question let’s look at last year’s Moto E as a point of reference. The 2014 Moto E included a 5MP fixed-focus camera with a resolution of 2592 х 1944 pixels and recorded videos in 480p at 30fps. Alas, it didn’t have a flash, or even a front-facing camera.

2015 Moto E Camera

This year, Motorola stepped up its game. The 2015 Moto E camera is still a 5 MP shooter, but this time around it gets autofocus and the ability to shoot 720P video at 30fps. There’s still no flash, but the the 2014 model features a VGA-resolution camera up front, which is better than nothing.

The camera interface is clean, simple to use, and quick – especially when you launch it with a “double-wrist-flick” gesture (which looks odd, but works great!). When it comes to picture quality, take a look:


The Moto E’s camera is everything you’d expect from a 5-megapixel shooter. In bright sunlight with a good angle you can capture some good-looking photos. What surprised us was how well the camera did non-ideal situations.

We took pictures in low-light and bright-light (even facing directly into the sun), and the images came out looking surprisingly decent. We tried to snap shots where our subjects were close-up, far away, and in “mixed-focus” situations. Each was fair, but nothing astounding.

One interesting item of note is that the camera in our device defaulted to 3.7MP (16:9 widescreen) rather than 5MP (4:3 standard). If you want higher resolution pictures, you’ll need to sacrifice wide-screen and manually toggle the change.

When it comes to video, the added resolution bump from last year’s model is nice, but some OIS would have been nice as evidenced by the shaky video we got simply from walking down the driveway.

One somewhat novel feature of the video feature in the 2015 Moto E is the “SloMo” mode, seen here.

None of the pictures or videos we shot were overly impressive, but none of them looked “bad”. The shutter speed is fast. Colors were accurately reproduced. Noise was low. All told, the camera in the 2015 Moto E is a good all-around shooter.

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