QHD will become a standard for 2015 flagship smartphones, 4K displays coming too

QHD (Quad HD, often referred to as 2K) resolution, with 1440 x 2560 pixels, will become a standard for 2015 flagship smartphones, according to industry observers cited by a recent DigiTimes report. In 2014, we’ve seen smartphone manufacturers experiment with both screen technologies as well as the market’s reaction to smartphones incorporating higher-than-1080p-resolution. LG, Samsung, and Oppo, just to name a few, all have offerings with Quad HD resolutions. Good reception on the market, as well as a decrease in prices for such display panels, will make us see more QHD phones this year, says the report.

However, manufacturers will continue to push the envelope as the competition in 2015 will be, again, about the OEM that has products with better specs. The report mentions that, towards the second half (or the end) of 2015, we will start seeing smartphones with 4K displays. As curved display devices, like those from LG and Samsung, start becoming more and more popular, we can expect, according to the report, more manufacturers to adopt these panels.

The competition will also be on in the camera department. While manufacturers are not expected to push the megapixel limit further than 20 megapixels, said sources claim that we’ll start seeing improvements on the optics side, with dual-lens and/or optical zoom systems becoming more and more popular this year. And, as selfies become more and more popular, we can see an increase in front-facer specifications to eight-megapixels, in some cases even 13MP.

Source: DigiTimes

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