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New 2014 iPhone rumors align with previous claims, suggest no new plastic 5C-like model

By Stephen Schenck January 23, 2014, 1:11 pm

Another day, another set of iPhone 6 rumors, right? On Monday we talked about a pair of 4.7-inch and 5.7-inch handsets, with the former possibly launching late this spring, and yesterday we were hearing about a 4.8-incher (with no news of the phablet). Today the Wall Street Journal chimes in on the issue, and while what it has to say doesn’t offer a lot in the way of new info, it does seem to correspond to some of these earlier reports.

The big points from this WSJ piece are that we’re still looking at two models, that the sizes are in the the 4.5+ and 5+ ranges, and that the smaller iPhone is much farther along in development, nearly ready for production, while the phablet model is still on the drawing board.

We also touch on the issue of materials, and one point the sources behind this info make clear is that Apple isn’t interested in returning to the idea of anything like the iPhone 5C – and specifically it’s not going to be releasing another plastic-bodied iPhone this year. Granted, we’ve been talking about both these rumored models as premium devices, so we hadn’t even been really considering the possibility of another plastic shell, but it’s still nice to see it spelled out so plainly like this.

Source: The Wall Street Journal

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