In some industries, presentation is everything. 1MORE gets that. We had the opportunity to review four sets of headphones from 1MORE over the last four weeks. From the time we held the boxes to the time we removed the headphones from our ears, we have been thoroughly impressed by the end-to-end experience. 1MORE has encapsulated quality in all aspects of the experience. Even the unboxing is special in its own way, which is why we’re going to talk about even that.

1MORE_unboxingWow, right off the bat

One of the first things we thought when merely opening the packaging of these headphones was “wow.” Normally a review of headphones is all about the sound, and rest assured, 1MORE delivers that as well. But right from the start, 1MORE exudes quality. Thick cardboard boxes encase all of their headphones. One set, the Crystal In-Ear headphones has a plastic window through which you can see the product. All of the products save one have thick foam embracing their contents, making even the unboxing a premium experience. We hadn’t even tried on the headphones and we were already impressed.

All of 1MORE’s headphones were tuned by Luca Bignardi, a Grammy Award winning mixer. The sound coming out of these headphones is top notch, with the best sound coming from the Triple Driver In-Ear headphones we will talk about later. All of these headphones are made from premium materials that look and feel really great – from the titanium steel headband of the MK801 Over-Ear headphones, to the Kevlar threaded, braided cords on the In-Ear headphones, to the carrying pouches that came with every pair – 1MORE’s offerings are impressive. Additionally, all earphones come with a multi-function controller on the cord which is compatible with both iOS and Android.

1MORE_pinkBreaking them down

First up, we have 1MORE’s MK801 Over-Ear headphones. These headphones are slick-looking red and black with silver trim. Like other over-ear headphones, the cable is separate, which is nice for transport. The headphones seem a bit tight on our head, but of course that makes for really great isolation from the outside while podcasting or enjoying tunes and videos. These headphones are really solid in the midrange and bass, but honestly a little soft on the extreme upper end of the sound spectrum.

Next up, we have the 1MORE Crystal In-Ear headphones. This set of headphones comes with two pairs – one pink and one black. We tested the black ones, but we respect those of you who rock the pink as well. Each earpiece is adorned by a faceted Swarovski crystal which definitely brings the bling. These earphones rest on the lower end of 1MORE’s price spectrum because while they do cost $79.99, both sets of earphones come in one box, so your price is basically $40. These earphones are worth every penny.

Batting third is 1MORE’s Dual Driver In-Ear headphones, 1MORE’s midrange offering. These earphones are designed with oblique angles and slide into our ears for a very comfortable and secure fit. For mid-range earphones, the sound is quite remarkable. These headphones have separate drivers for bass and midrange/treble which results in a very clear sound.

Finally, our cleanup hitter is the 1MORE Triple Driver In-Ear Headphones. These are our favorite of the quartet. These earphones cover the full spectrum of sound from the deepest bass to the highest treble with remarkable clarity. These earphones provide the most balanced sound from among all the headphones we tried, and likely from any other headphone we’ve ever owned. These are the epitome of premium. Say that five times really fast.

1MORE_closed_bookPricing and Availability

It also should be mentioned that the prices for these units are right in line or in some cases lower than offerings from similar manufacturers. We already mentioned the kinda-$40 price point of the Crystal In-Ear headphones. The Over-Ear headphones are priced at $69.99 and the Dual and Triple Driver headphones are priced at 79.99 and 99.99 respectively. All are available for purchase on 1MORE’s website.

Overall 1MORE has designed a premium experience from purchase to use and everything in between. The packaging alone speaks to quality and the sound coming from these headphones easily backs up that quality. If you are an audiophile and you’re looking for a lot of bang for your buck, 1MORE has a lot of choices for you. We found the Dual Driver headphones to be more than adequate for our typical use cases. More choosey audiophiles may want to step up to the Triple Driver In-Ear headphones. No matter which headphones find your ears, you will be impressed from the time you open the box.

Adam joined the tech world after watching Jon Rubenstein demo the most epic phone ever at CES 2009. He is webOS enthusiast, Windows Phone fan, and Android skeptic. He loves the outdoors, is an avid Geocacher, Cubs/Blackhawks fan, and family man living in Sweet Home Chicago, where he STILL hosts monthly webOS meetups (Don’t call it a comeback!). He can be found tweeting all things tech as @DeadTechnology, or chi-town sports at @oneminutecubs. Read more about Adam Doud!

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