The massive Twitter hack of July 15 – in which the accounts of high-profile people such as Barack Obama, Elon Musk and Bill Gates were hacked to promote a Bitcoin scam – has finally led to the first series of arrests. Among them, a 17-year old teen named Graham Ivan Clark from Tampa (Florida) has been apprehended by the authorities as ‘mastermind’ behind the hack that was accomplished using a phone spear phishing attack.

Clark has been charged with 29 counts of fraud and one count of accessing electronic devices without authority to plot a fraudulent scheme. “This defendant lives here in Tampa, he committed the crime here, and he’ll be prosecuted here,” Hillsborough State Attorney Andrew Warren was quoted as saying in a press release.

In addition to Clark, law enforcement authorities have also charged Mason Sheppard, aka “Chaewon,” 19, from Bognor Regis in the United Kingdom and Nima Fazeli, aka “Rolex,” 22, hailing from Orlando in Florida. As per the US Department of Justice, the scam bitcoin account that was mentioned in the fraudulent tweets got transfers worth over $100,000 from more than 400 transactions.

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