LG patent describes smartphone with 16 camera lenses

Forget the penta-lens Nokia 9 PureView. As exciting as a smartphone with five lenses or cameras might be, on the back alone, if LG is even remotely serious about this patent, it’ll blow the Nokia 9 PureView out of the water. LG has filed a patent with the USPTO that LetsGoDigital uncovered. It was granted on November 20, and describes a smartphone with 16 lenses. Yes, 16, or in other words, a hexadecimal camera smartphone.

These lenses are arranged in a curved matrix arrangement, so that every lens individually can photograph a different perspective. The user will then be able to select either a single image of the 16, or to combine the image captured by all of them in a moving scene. “You can also select a head of a person or object, after which you can turn it into almost any desired position”, notes the report.

Besides the 16 lenses and the flash, said phone would also feature a mirror on the back. This would allow easy framing should one decide to take a selfie using the 16 cameras on the back.

As we know by now, patents don’t really mean that we will ever see a commercially available product that will feature the above outlined. However, this proves once again that the Korean phone-maker is taking smartphone photography seriously. That being said, what do you think about this?

16 camera lenses

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