Tablets may have been around for years by now, but the companies manufacturing them are still trying to get a handle on what sizes we’re really interested in. While the past couple years have seen growing interest in smaller tablets, leading to the release of devices like the iPad mini, we’ve also see growth on the opposite end of the spectrum, as OEMs experiment with larger and larger slates. Earlier this year, Samsung released a pair of 12.2-inch models, and now a new leak suggests it could push things even bigger, with the development of a 13.3-inch tablet in the works.

There’s not much to go by here, but what we see is nice and to the point: a 13.3-inch quad HD tablet being developed under the codename Warhol. This wouldn’t be the first tablet this size to cross our path, having seen Toshiba play around a 13.3-inch model a couple years back, but having Samsung behind this one could make a big difference when it comes to convincing users this is a size they really want to try out.

While this 13.3-inch Warhol may be the star of the leak, there’s also one other big development here: this may be the first time we’ve seen those two T700 and T800 Galaxy Tab S models plainly identified as having OLED displays – we’ve been talking about them as such for ages now, but had never seen that screen type directly spelled-out in a leak. Granted, we still don’t know how legitimate this may be (and how easy is it to fake a spreadsheet?) but it’s something we’ve been hoping to run across for a while. Picking up these other two codenames, with the three of them forming a modern art vibe, is a nice touch.


Source: GSMArena

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