Should we expect 12GB of RAM in the Samsung Galaxy S10?

We have started to see smartphones with 10 GB of RAM. Now there’s somebody who thinks that we will soon get a 12GB RAM smartphone and that it would be the Samsung Galaxy S10 with 5G connectivity.

The good thing is that rumors are just that, rumors. Sure 12GB of RAM sounds interesting but it would also be expensive. Either way, this rumor comes from a screenshot from an analyst report about how smartphone RAM options have risen throughout the year. We know this isn’t happening because we just got the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 with 8GB of RAM, therefore 10GB would be the best we could hope for. Apart from that, we are also getting new features like in display fingerprint sensors and maybe the technology that will kill the notch once and for all, even though we have found out that Samsung has thought of using it.

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