Last week saw the debut of the Galaxy Note 5 and Galaxy S6 edge+, and while these are certainly some high-end phones worth getting excited about, they didn’t launch without a few complaints being raised, maybe most vocally concerning Samsung’s decisions regarding the batteries and removable storage options for these models: and in the case of the latter, that there simply weren’t any options to be had, with Samsung dropping long-present microSD support. As a result, we found ourselves looking for extra internal storage, and once again ran into Samsung making cuts: neither the Note 5 nor the GS6e+ offered a 128GB option, topping-out at 64GB. At least, that was the official word, but then we found cause for hope, as Samsung started listing 128GB versions of both phones on its website; would these actually be available, despite initial reports? We reached out to Samsung for an answer, but it’s not good news, as we learn that the 128GB listings were in error.

Sure enough, Samsung’s confirmed that all these 128GB models were inadvertently posted on its site, and that the phones will come in a maximum 64GB capacity, just as initially stated. In the time since, the company’s scrubbed its website to remove all trace of these 128GB options.

We know, Samsung said from the beginning that it would only sell 32GB and 64GB options, so this 128GB edition was always a long-shot. Then again, this was on Samsung’s own site, plain as day, and unlike some recent retractions from other companies, this one persisted for hours and hours – not exactly the kind of behavior we expect when a manufacturer is looking to prevent bad info about some major new products from getting out. We’re still a little confused about how Samsung could have gotten its wires crossed so severely like this, but whatever the explanation is, we just know that we’re not getting a 128GB Galaxy Note 5.

Source: CNET
Via: SamMobile

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