You might be able to count the number of smartphones and tablets with official Windows 10 support on one’s fingers right now, but between the increasingly plausible HP Falcon, a couple of looming mid-range Lumia releases, and a 12-inch Samsung, it’s pretty obvious Microsoft eyes a major escalation of its fledgling new mobile and desktop OS.

Of course, it remains to be seen how will the waning tablet market respond to yet another Surface Pro 4 “killer”, also opposed to Apple’s iPad Pro, as well as Samsung’s own Android-running Galaxy View in the entertainment and productivity-focused arena.

First things first, we’ll need to wait for confirmation from the global king of handheld shipments this 12-inch Windows 10 bad boy is real, which feels like a formality following a recent Wi-Fi authorization and older Zauba sightings backing evaluatory India visits.

Could the long overdue Ativ Tab heir break cover at CES in Las Vegas next week? Perhaps, though we’re a little light on specifics for a formal introduction to happen so soon. Basically, we know for sure the model number is SM-W700, which doesn’t really mean anything, the pre-loaded OS is also a guarantee, and other specification gossip calls for a high-res Super AMOLED display with either 2,560 x 1,600 or 3,840 x 2,400 pixels, 14 nm Intel Core M processor inside, 4 generous gigs of RAM, and surprise, surprise, S Pen stylus capabilities to directly compete against Surface Pros in every conceivable way.

Well, Samsung may need an optional keyboard dock too, and hopefully, Galaxy View’s cumbersome built-in kickstand will be scrapped.

Source: Microsoft-News

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