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12-inch MacBook to make a return with ARM processors

By Samuel Martinez August 31, 2020, 8:45 pm

The 12-inch MacBook with Intel processors was discontinued just more than a year ago, but it seems that it was all part of Apple’s strategy to make way for its new ARM-powered MacBooks. Earlier this year, Apple announced that it was going to stop using Intel processors in its Macs to give way to a new wave ARM-powered products. This transition will take Apple around two years, but it seems that the first model to embrace the change will be the 12-inch MacBook by the end of this year.

“Industry sources pointed out that the first A14X processor designed by Apple has been finalized and will begin mass production using TSMC’s 5nm process before the end of the year.
“Apple’s supply chain industry pointed out that by the end of this year, Apple is expected to launch a Macbook with a 12-inch Retina Display, using a self-developed and designed A14X processor. The processor is codenamed Tonga and supports a USB Type-C interface. It will weigh less than 1 kilogram.
“Because of the low power consumption of the Arm architecture processor, the battery life of the new Macbook can reach 15 to 20 hours.”


The new 12-inch MacBook is also expected to deliver up to 20 hours of battery life, and changes don’t stop there. Apple may also be working in developing its own GPUs, and these could even arrive in the second half of 2021, inside an iMac.

“In the past, Apple introduced Mac personal computers with Intel CPUs, equipped with Huida or AMD GPUs, but industry insiders pointed out that Apple has cancelled support for AMD GPUs in the macOS Arm 64-bit operating system, indicating that Apple will be adopted in the future. Silicon’s Mac personal computers may use a GPU developed and designed by Apple. Recently, the industry has reported that in addition to Apple Silicon processors, Apple’s iMac desktops launched next year will also be equipped with self-developed and designed Apple GPUs.

“According to relevant sources, Apple’s self-developed GPU is progressing smoothly. The research and development code is Lifuka. Like the upcoming A14X processor, it is produced using TSMC’s 5nm process. Apple has designed a series of processors for Mac personal computers. The new GPU will provide better performance per watt and higher computing performance. It has tile-based deferred rendering technology that allows application developers to write More powerful professional application software and game software.”

However, these possible changes have also affected other companies, as Apple could’ve asked TSMC to stop making chips for Huawei, as Cupertino wants to make sure the chipmaker has enough capacity to supply its needs. Of course, the US ban on Huawei makes this an easy decision for TSMC, leaving MediaTek as the only possible supplier for Huawei Silicon in the near future. These last details suggest that the report’s source may be TSMC employees or consultants, which would make this report from China Times more reliable.

Source MacRumors

Via 9to5Mac


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