We could see new 10nm Sunny Cove CPUs from Intel in future Macs

We keep getting news about better processors from Huawei, Qualcomm and now Intel. Intel’s latest processors are codenamed Sunny Cove, and they will be destined for 2019 with 10nm architecture. These will make part of the Core, and Xeon series and they could even make their way to Apple’s Mac models next year.

The new Sunny Cove processors from Intel are supposed to be smarter, and it’s the first 10nm processor from the company since its initial schedule for mass production three years ago. They should be in consumers hands by mid-2019, even though no official information has been given about an official listing of computers that will include these processors. It’s believed that they will come in future Macs along with the upcoming Gen11 integrated GPU. This new processor promises improved speeds un AI related tasks, cryptography and machine learning. It would also be the first step towards supercomputers with petabytes of RAM or 48 cores.

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