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After a period of exclusivity with AT&T in the US, Nokia appears to be preparing to bring the Lumia 900 to Verizon, though now dubbed the 928. The handset has appeared in numerous rumors, renders, and leaked roadmaps, and appears to be getting ready to Launch on Verizon in spring 2013.

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    'Laser' is what the allegedly upcoming Lumia Windows Phone made by Nokia has been rumored to be called. There has been a lot of speculation regarding this phone, with some going as far as claiming that the Laser might be the PureView Lumia we never saw at MWC. According to the screenshot above, allegedly taken off of Verizon's system, we can see a Lumia 928 in there. That's about it when it comes to info. Whether it will be a Lumia 920 -- same internals and aspect -- we've seen on AT&T or not is yet unknown. Some claim that it will look nothing like the 920 and, as far as specs are ...

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