Get it while you can: brand new 128GB OG Google Pixel at $400 on eBay


In theory, we wouldn’t recommend you choose the slowly aging first-generation Google Pixel phone over its arguably prettier and punchier sequel. But while the baby Pixel 2 has managed to stay away from many of its big brother’s issues and controversies, there are still a few of those hanging over the revised 5-incher as well.

At the right price, the OG Pixel could be considered a smarter buy therefore, and that’s exactly what you can find on eBay if you hurry. Namely, a crazy affordable stock Android 8.1 Oreo-powered device with all the internal storage space you could ever need.

We’re talking a full 128 gigs, setting you back just $399.99, down from a $750 list price way back when. The original 5-inch Pixel is completely out of stock at Google’s official online store, in all colors and storage configurations, while Verizon currently charges a whopping $650 for the 128GB version on special sale through trusted eBay seller BuySpry today.

BuySpry can ship the brand new, untouched, sealed phone worldwide, although only US deliveries are free of extra costs. You can choose any paint job, as long as it’s silver, and activate the $400 Pixel on GSM networks like AT&T or T-Mobile, as well as CDMA service provider Verizon.

These are obviously factory unlocked units you’re looking at here, capable of achieving 4G LTE connectivity speeds, but lacking a valid US warranty. Still, the software support and camera alone are probably worth more than four Benjamins.

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