HTC Vive app developers will keep all revenues this holiday season

Now that the Google deal is done, as HTC eases off the gas pedal in the smartphone department — though, not before a rumored big hurrah at the end of the year — it can turn to what’s been called the bright spot in its development portfolio: virtual reality.

But even with Vive’s good repute in the fledgling tech sector, it’s still a fledgling tech sector that analysts believe is in need of a killer app. And HTC is willing to gin up developer support through whatever means possible.

The company announced through GamesBeat that it will drop its revenue share structure with app developers of 50-50 and, for the entire fourth quarter, will pass along all revenue to the developers. Come the new year, HTC will then only take a 30 percent share of revenue, leaving app makers with 70 percent.

“The holiday is the most important time for developers, and we want to show our appreciation for them,” said Rikard Steiber, president of the HTC Viveport app store.

The company is also putting out a new sub-SDK within its Arcade Manager called the Viveport Scene — instead of snapshots or videos, previews of apps can be made to run in VR straight from the listing page. It also is putting in $4 million to VRChat, a company that hopes to enable an interpersonal social platform.

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