First purported BlackBerry Krypton images show upper half of swanky rear cover

It’s almost time for a new TCL-made BlackBerry smartphone, according to every regulatory agency around and even the global brand licensee’s own top executives. But while we’ve known the model number for quite some time now, with a catchy codename also entering the equation recently, and several key specs gradually revealed over the past few months, there was still a very important piece of the puzzle missing.

Until today, when we get to finally check out the BlackBerry Krypton in the flesh. Or at least its posterior. Well, part of it, anyway. And yes, it could be a hoax, a rough mockup or an early pre-production prototype.

But it’s all we have at the moment to compare the KEYone (Black Edition) with the Krypton’s potential rear design. And while the two definitely share some ideological similarities, they also couldn’t be more different.

Everything from build materials to patterns to camera modules is altered, but since beauty is in the eye of the beholder, we’ll let you decide for yourselves if these changes are positive or not.

What we can say is the single shooter on the back of the BlackBerry Krypton (just a codename, remember) sports a significantly smaller lens than the KEYone’s main 12MP auto-focus “large pixel” cam. That’s understandable, as we expect the new guy to cost less, with a Snapdragon 625 or 626 processor in tow, 4GB RAM, a Full HD touchscreen, 4000mAh battery, and no physical keyboard. Also, there’s no sign of a rear-mounted fingerprint reader, so it’ll likely reside on the front, beneath the display.

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