This is our clearest look yet at an arguably polished LG V30 design


Factory CAD-based renders, schematics allegedly pulled from official user manuals and blurry hands-on pics are nice and all, but there’s nothing quite like an ev-leaked batch of press-friendly renders to hype you up for a high-profile flagship smartphone announcement.

Especially when said unreleased device looks as exquisite as the LG V30 that’s undoubtedly due out right at the end of this month. Slightly larger than the G6, at 6 full inches of top-quality OLED screen real estate, the main Android-powered rival of the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 8 settles for a single traditional display area.

But there’s also a so-called “Floating Bar” in tow for “quick access to frequently used functions”, and besides, we all know “FullVision” technology is more important than the Second Screen many found gimmicky or outright unnecessary last year.

By the (striking) looks of things, the LG V30 might be roughly as large as a “conventional” 5.5-incher all in all, with bezels that appear even slimmer than those of the G6 at a first glance.

While definitely not as “edgy” as the Galaxy S8, this bad boy is reasonably curvy and sleek, with a far less crowded top rear-facing section than the Note 8 wisely separating the dual cameras and circular fingerprint reader.

No danger of mixing them up, and the LED flash/laser autofocus (?) combo also looks better detached from the two standard and wide-angle photography lenses.

Overall, this isn’t exactly an extraordinary, unique high-end smartphone design, but it may just strike the perfect balance between sheer size, razor-thin bezels, premium build materials, curves and decent placement of various obligatory sensors. Now all we need is a commercial launch date and price tag.

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