These may well be the first real-life photos of a fully working Samsung Galaxy Note 8

We’ve seen the fast-approaching Galaxy Note 8 rendered from all angles in picture-perfect quality more than once already, but have we really seen the next-gen “Infinity Display” giant?

Ironically, even as the full, “final” specifications purportedly came to light roughly three weeks ahead of Samsung’s highly anticipated Unpacked event in New York City, no one could give us an early look at the actual unreleased phone out in the wild.

Until today, that is, when a little-known, 2017-founded tech news website published a trio of exclusive real-life Samsung Galaxy Note 8 photos. Sounds shady, and while there’s no way to verify the leak’s authenticity yet, it’s hard to ignore the countless similarities between these pics and earlier revealed renders.

It doesn’t get more convincing than this, really, with one tall phablet photographed from the front and back, super-slim screen bezels, dual rear-facing camera setup, fingerprint reader to the side, traditional volume rocker and Bixby button included.

The Always On Display is in the spotlight, and incredibly enough, the snapshots may have been taken this very same day, i.e. August 7. Or it could all be one strangely elaborated hoax, removed from shortly after its publication as a fabrication admission.

Then again, it’s way more believable the legit pics were taken down to protect the identity of a source or simply at Samsung’s urgent request.

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