OnePlus 5 battery tipped at relatively modest 3,300 mAh, but that’s probably good enough


Who’s in the mood for some next-generation flagship killing? It doesn’t look like you’ll have to “settle” for anything less than the fastest processor in the world right now, or make any sort of a multitasking compromise.

But if there’s any hope for a half-sensible price point, the OnePlus 5 absolutely needs to manage with a Full HD screen (measuring around 5.5 inches in diagonal), and a not-so-gigantic battery.

No way can the Snapdragon 835 powerhouse squeeze a 4,000 mAh cell into a super-slim iPhone 7 Plus-resembling body, as a number of optimistic tipsters recently predicted, with concrete proof of an even smaller juicer than that of the 3T out on the web today.

The “evidence” could always be fake or manipulated, of course, though as much as you may not want to hear this, it makes pretty perfect sense to expect a 3,300 mAh battery inside a 7mm thin OnePlus 5.

The 3 and 3T are both around 7.5mm, packing 3,000 and 3,400 mAh energy respectively, and doing a decent job of keeping the lights on for many hours on end. Besides, what makes the two ideal for road warriors, and will definitely also help the OP5 shine, is the Chinese OEM’s proprietary Dash Charge technology for providing “a day’s power in half an hour.”

Major selling points should include dual 20 + 16MP rear cameras, up to 8GB RAM and a “Deep Black” paint job at launch as well, so perhaps don’t be too hard on OnePlus for cutting one teeny-tiny corner.

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