Super Mario Run gets an exact Android release date, and it’s right around the corner


Did Nintendo miss its Android window of opportunity by keeping Super Mario Run exclusive to iOS devices all this time? Maybe not, as we’re only talking a few months, and the mobile world was waiting for an official Mario game since… forever.

Still, a large chunk of the hype from back in September and even December has dispersed, with the simple, side-scrolling, auto-running game’s download and revenue numbers so far looking good but short of impressive.

It always felt like a stretch to expect many millions of Google Play visitors coughing up $10 a pop on, well, any one title, so the least Nintendo could have done was expand Super Mario Run earlier than March 23.

On the bright side, Android users can look forward to directly installing version 2.0 starting this Thursday, or pre-registering now. A “portion” of the game is also free of charge with no strings attached, so you’re almost compelled to give the thing a try if you’re feeling nostalgic. Meanwhile, the surprise 2.0 update is obviously headed to iPhone and iPad runners as well soon enough, including among other stuff some extra playable characters. Too little, too late? You tell us.

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