LG G6 vs HTC U Ultra: Little room for debate (Video)


After narrowly defeating the more than respectable Huawei P10 in the first of several crucial real-life duels despite still running pre-release software, it’s time for the killer LG G6 to put another one in the W column, further boosting the chaebol’s morale as arch-rival Samsung gears up to finally throw its hat in the 2017 flagship Android ring.

There’s clearly no comparison between a 5.7-inch giant with a stellar 80 percent or so screen-to-body ratio and a phone that’s extra-large for the sake of being large. Don’t get us wrong, we still like, possibly love, the metal-and-glass HTC U Ultra beaut, but somehow, the G6 manages to near-flawlessly mix style with power, all-around excellent performance and especially top-shelf design ergonomics.

What’s interesting to note is just how little these two devices have in common. One is significantly taller and wider, sporting a nifty secondary display that the competition has also dabbled with, double the base storage, and AI functionality worth a more in-depth analysis.

The other features a headphone jack, less protrusive camera setup, wireless charging, and water resistance. At the end of the day, you’d be smart to purchase any of the two, but obviously wiser to choose one in particular.

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