Poll: Have you ever switched platforms and why?

When you are a fanatic in this industry, it’s important to keep an open mind. Sure, you’re allowed to have your favorites, but knowing how your competition works is just as important as knowing how your own platform works. In 2015, I had the unique pleasure of using each of four different operating systems as my daily driver for at least a month. Most of my phone carrying time was on Android, with quite a bit on iOS as well. Windows Phone and BlackBerry both crept in for about a month each as well. In some ways, this was the epitome of my career in mobile. Sad, I know.

But ever since I joined the Pocketnow team, I’ve been mind hungry enough to want to know everything about everything in mobile. In my experience, the only way to really know a platform is to walk a mile in its shoes. This is why I make it a point to move away from time to time. I need to broaden my horizons and stay fresh with each platform.

The best of both worlds

Fortunately, in this day and age, it’s really simple to do. First of all, only having two major platforms still around narrows the field. Plus, both operating systems – iOS and Android – are really great in their own respects. They both have plusses and minuses, to be sure. But the great thing about it is that both platform’s minuses are pretty minor in the grand scheme of things.

But that got me to thinking about switching platforms, and how to do it, and why you should do it. Most importantly, I wrote a guide on how to keep everything in the cloud, so you don’t have to worry about contacts, photos, and the like. But it also got me thinking about the reasons behind making a platform switch. There are plenty of solid reasons. My reason is to stay informed with other choices, so I can evaluate mobile on a level playing field.

The old switcharoo

Others might switch just to inject some spice into life. Learning a new platforms, and its tricks and nuances can be a fun exercise. It can turn the mundane into the exciting. Others might give in to peer pressure because all of their friends iMessage, and you’re just that stupid green bubble. But whatever the reason, I wanted to ask you about switching platforms – if you’ve done it, and why, and for how long, and did you go back. So check out our poll below and comment with more detail if you’d like. Love to hear your stories.

But first, it’s important to acknowledge that not switching is always an option too. Even on the Pocketnow staff, we have editors who remain steadfastly dedicated to a specific platform – and that’s totally ok. It’s what works for you. You should feel no pressure that you have to switch. But this article might inspire you to do so for a time, and if so, that’s pretty awesome too. The world needs fanboys as much as they need risk-takers.

So, check out the polls below and let us know where you stand. And to the one guy still clutching his Symbian phone, you’re welcome in the comments too.

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