All-taxes-included T-Mobile One plan available now, plus a heap of free MetroPCS phones

Looking forward to this week’s T-Mobile Tuesdays celebrations? It turns out Mondays can be quite prolific for “Un-carrier” customers as well, with those sweet CES 2017-unveiled T-Mobile One revisions in full swing starting today.

No more having to worry about unforeseen monthly taxes, surcharges and fees with T-Mobile’s One for all unlimited plan, so instead of paying a claimed average of $210.70 for a family of four on Verizon’s “confusing, fee-filled bills”, you can rest assured you’ll be coughing up a flat $160 here.

We’re also happy to report Magenta seems to have laid off the cringe-worthy fee/flea puns and ads, this time focusing its always unorthodox marketing on a pretty hilarious CivicScience survey. 86 percent of the over 800 US respondents felt “it is wrong for the price on your monthly wireless bill to be more than the advertised price”, and 68 percent confessed to wanting to “yell or kick things” when their carrier bill unexpectedly changes.

That… sounds about right, and T-Mo of course aims to alleviate all your concerns, anger and frustration. Better yet, you can choose between 15 different phones offered free of charge by the Uncarrier’s flagship prepaid brand, MetroPCS, for a limited time, and get 8GB of LTE data a month, up from 5, with $50 plans.

New and existing Metro customers can pick up among others a gratis Samsung Galaxy On5, Core Prime, just-released LG Aristo, K7, Alcatel Fierce XL or Fierce 4 after instant and mail-in rebates, with folks porting in their number also able to choose the LG K10, ZTE Zmax Pro or HTC Desire 530. Good luck out-disrupting that, Sprint!

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