Stop asking “what’s next” for T-Mobile, and just wait until January 5 at CES in Las Vegas


Sad to hear Samsung will absolutely not unveil its “next big thing” sooner than usual, at the Consumer Electronics Show in Vegas next month, likely skipping the late February/early March Mobile World Congress too in favor of a dedicated NYC Galaxy S8 announcement?

Well, we don’t expect many other exciting CES 2017 smartphone introductions either, but you can count on America’s top “Un-carrier” seizing the spotlight as far as mobile enthusiasts go, at least on Thursday, January 5.

“Sin City” is where T-Mo’s charismatic CEO John Legere presented back in 2014 the big Un-carrier 4.0 move, known as the “Get Out of Jail Free Card”, with Early Termination Fees paid off for AT&T, Verizon or Sprint switchers.

Magenta shook up the cellular industry several times since, reaching the 11.0 wave of promotional stunts this past summer, though there was oddly nothing to show off at CES 2015 or 2016. Ergo, you have to figure something truly game-changing is now “next” for T-Mobile.

No point harassing Legere about what’s coming however, in person, online, down at the barbershop, coffeehouse, dentist’s office, on billboards, banners or via skywriting. You’ll just have to wait a couple more weeks.

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