Google admits Pixel and Pixel XL demand exceeded expectations, causing delays

In case you couldn’t tell, the Pixel and Pixel XL are shaping up to be pretty solid mainstream box-office hits, at least by “Google-made” standards. Surprised, seeing as how the two stock Android-powered handhelds are considerably pricier than the Nexuses they replaced, not to mention a little too similar to the new iPhones in execution, as well as technically vulnerable to water immersion?

Apparently, the very Mountain View-based search giant behind the development and unprecedented buzz-building campaign of the Pixel duo was caught a little off guard by pre-order demand, particularly stateside, where it’s been candidly confirmed as “exceeding expectations.”

Ergo, not only is it quite difficult to buy a Pixel and especially Pixel XL now from the Google Store, then actually receive them in reasonable time, but it seems early adopters are also kept waiting far longer than initially announced.

Different people have been told different things of late, and of course, many already got their brand-new Nougat powerhouses on their doorsteps. If you weren’t so lucky, remain patient, and in a few weeks tops, all shall be resolved, as Google is working hard to “restock our inventory as soon as possible.”

And remember, you can always go the third-party retailer, carrier-locked route, as long as you’re comfortable with certain Verizon-specific inconveniences. Unfortunately, even through Big Red, the Pixel XL is “on backorder.” Perhaps analysts should revisit their up to 4 million unit sales estimates for this year.

Sources: 9To5Google, Reddit

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