Rogers Wireless cancels iPhone 7 reservations

A telco giant in Canada has tacitly admitted that it canceled iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus pre-orders after those orders were routed through the wrong site.

Rogers Wireless customers have been tweeting out their frustrations with not only the cancellation, but the extended wait they now face with the re-purchase process. One person who had their iPhone 7 shipped and ready to pickup at a nearby store was then notified that the reservation was canceled. After applying for another iPhone, he found that he was placed at about 400th in line.

All of this because, it seems, customers had bought or upgraded their device on the consumer side of the Rogers website when, for reasons unknown to them, they should’ve made the order on the business site. One big difference between a consumer account and a business account? The former has to give a $40 reserve deposit. The latter doesn’t.

Another customer tweeted that he had a consumer account with a company code and had his order canceled while third in line. He was put in at spot #429 in the business queue. The post has since been pulled from Twitter.

Rogers sent a statement to press outlets today, saying that “business customers who re-place their order [at the business site] will be placed back in the pre-order line in a similar spot.”

Not the case, as alleged by many.

Via: MobileSyrup, iPhone in Canada

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