Apple silences age-old rumors of Tidal acquisition, as it’s running its ‘own race’

Everybody wants a piece of the rapidly growing, multi-billion dollar music streaming pie, including Amazon, according to fresh word around the water cooler. But as for that ancient gossip about Apple Music looking to merge with Tidal and truly go after stubborn market leader and veteran Spotify, it turns out there’s no truth to it.

Well, technically, Jimmy Iovine, the co-founder of Beats Electronics and Tim Cook’s music guru since 2014, didn’t deny “such discussions had taken place” in a short statement to BuzzFeed News.

He merely stressed Cupertino is no longer interested in acquiring “any streaming services”, as the executives of the world’s largest publicly traded corporation have decided to “run our own race.” Sorry, Kanye, it doesn’t appear like Jay-Z will be getting that $500 million check anytime soon, and sorry, kids, you’ll still need a Tidal subscription to legally listen to Beyoncé’s new album.

In addition to exclusives from an A-list artist roster also including Rihanna, Lil Wayne or Madonna, the 2014-launched $10 a month ($20 for lossless quality high fidelity audio) service has roughly 4.2 million paying users going for it as well.

That wouldn’t have quite brought Apple Music’s own 17 million+ count on par with Spotify’s 40M total (and growing at a faster pace than anyone else), but it could have been another important step towards global industry domination.

Source: BuzzFeed

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