Redesigned 2017 iPhone yet again rumored to drop home button altogether

If you felt like speculation over the soon-to-be-unveiled new iPhones, dubbed 7 or 6SE, became just a wee bit repetitive and unexciting lately, you might be in for a long, monotonous year of rumors and gossip regarding the 2017 iGeneration.

We get it, the iPhone 8, 7s, 7 or however Apple intends to call its first major redesign in 36 months is supposed to be a big deal. But we’ve already lost count of the credible source-based reports highlighting the same key prospective upgrades.

All-glass build this, dual-curved OLED screen that, no more home button, etc., etc. Granted, Bloomberg focuses first and foremost on a Japan-exclusive new feature we haven’t heard much about so far in its latest story, though for residents of any other country, reiterated whispers of an improved display not needing button support take center stage.

Remember, it’s possible this year’s iPhone 7 and 7 Plus (or 6SE and 6SE Plus) will replace their predecessors’ physical key below the LCD panel with a pressure-sensitive, click-simulating, non-protruding capacitive unit.

But that may only be the first step towards a future of bezel-free iPhones with a single piece of glass on the front, capable of embedding the Touch ID fingerprint sensor directly into the Samsung-supplied OLED screens. Super-exciting stuff, though we can’t help feel like we know too much too early.

Source: Bloomberg

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