Apple only sold 800K iPhones in India during Q2, while Android had 97 percent share

The global smartphone industry might still be under an OS duopoly, as Android keeps widening the gap to iOS without entirely being able to shake off Apple’s mobile platform, but at least one key market sees its strict monopoly situation getting tighter and tighter.

It’s not just Windows Phone, BlackBerry OS or “others” that are nowadays irrelevant in India, with a measly 800K iPhones sold nationwide during Q2 2016. That’s drastically down from an already poor box-office score of 1.2 million units the previous year, and it’s truly a drop in a Google-controlled ocean.

Big G’s hardware partners managed to ship a whopping 29.8 million Android handhelds to Indian users between April and June this year, up 28 percent compared to the Q2 2015 performance, equating to a remarkably authoritative 97.1 percent share.

Think about that for a second, as 97 in every 100 smartphones sold around those parts ran a newer or older (mostly, older) iteration of the world’s number one mobile OS. No wonder Tim Cook pushed so hard for India’s government to welcome refurbished iPhones, which doesn’t look like it’ll ever happen. Instead, if Apple wants to compete in the largely budget-favoring market, it’s going to need price cuts. Big ones, on new iDevices, as soon as possible.

Source: BusinessWire

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