Pocketnow Poll: What is your favorite smartphone color?

It’s one of those things we often take for granted, but it’s a legitimate question. All too often we are offered the latest smartphones in one, two, or three colors. But what are our favorite colors for a smart phone? That’s what we’re here to find out in a Pocketnow Poll. Our editors have sounded off below, and then we’ll ask your opinion, but first I wanted to take a moment to discuss color and my borderline-sordid history of color.

I’ve had a virtual rainbow for smartphones in my time from a magenta (read: pink) Lumia 800, to a Cyan Lumia 900, to a Yellow Lumia 920. I had a blue Galaxy S3, and since then most of the smartphones have been black or silver. With the exception of the red Nexus 5 which my wife now carries – with a case.

Lumia900BackHistory of color

So I’m somewhat of an aficionado of smartphone pigmentation. The yellow Lumia and red Nexus stand out as bolder choices; and by “bold” I mean “questionable.” My wife won’t forgive me for going with red, but c’mon. I never had a problem finding my phone on a table at a party. But then again, there’s a reason for that. When it comes to tech, colors generally don’t work too well. Take Apple’s failed iPhone 5c experiment. If Apple can’t make the rainbow work, well, then I guess people just want their standard three colors. Colored phones affect resale value for the same reason.

But why then does the artist formerly known as Motorola keep push the Moto Maker concept? Surely there is something to be said for customization – making a phone yours. Cases aplenty out there bring your phone personality. Perhaps the appeal of the case is it does so without affecting the overall look of the phone underneath the covers.

Sound off

Ah well, I won’t apologize for my pretty phones, and neither should you, which is what brings us here today. What is your favorite color for a smartphone chassis? Are you a silver connoisseur, or are you among the more bold? Before you answer, here’s what our editors had to say.

Adam D.

White is slick, black matches the screen, but I think I gotta go with Nokia Lumia 900 Cyan

Adam L.

I always go with Alsa Chromaflair Mystic Violet Dreams KC-MYC-100 as seen on my Touch Diamond and Lumia 1020. ;) Or red.


the Golden Yellow off the Moto G3’s choices in Moto Maker.


Nothing beats classic black…. unless it’s leather. Or lime green.


Loves me that matte finished Nokia Cyan from the old Lumia 900 days

So, how about you? There’s a pretty wide variety to pick from – from classic black to lime green – and that’s just Joe! We want to hear from you. Hit us up in the poll, or the comments, or both, for a little fun on a Thursday morning. And hey, if you like the idea of a weekly, or bi-weekly poll, let us know that too!

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