Unlimited data for Pokémon GO fans on T-Mobile

If you’re a Pokémon GO fan, here’s a T-Mobile Tuesdays offer you’ll wish that the Un-carrier won’t screw up. On July 19, T-Mobile will use its customer appreciation program serve up new perks revolving around your travels related to the Pokémon GO game.

First and foremost of the perks is unlimited high-speed data for Pokémon GO use — that means that even if you dump the game next week, you can pick it back up in October and not have to worry about using up your data bucket. In fact, the offer lasts through the end of next August as long as you claim it on any given Tuesday through August 9. Just don’t go crazy about it — the company mentions in the fine print that “extremely high data usage may result in deprioritization (& slower speeds)” — just like anything else you do with T-Mobile data.

Other perks include a free Lyft ride worth up to $15, a free Wendy’s Frosty and half-off most of the accessories rack at T-Mobile retail stores so you can grab power banks and chargers for a proper setup. These offers must be redeemed before July 20.

So, what do you think about having Pokémon GO zero-rated out like a movie on Binge On or a sweet album on Music Freedom? T-Mobile claims it isn’t working with the associated companies behind this social gaming juggernaut.

“We’re just big fans,” the press release stated.

Source: T-Mobile
Via: BGR

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