Oculus Rift supply finally catches up with demand, Touch controller coming in the fall

The HTC Vive may have won an early battle (or ten) of availability, but the high-end virtual reality headset war is far from decided, with both Sony’s PlayStation VR and the Oculus Rift in it to prevail over the long haul.

The Facebook-owned company that arguably laid the first stone in a fast-growing market soon to be worth billions encountered a few hiccups in its attempt to turn a nifty concept into a popular consumer product, after a pair of developer-centric experiments.

Several months in, all the component shortages and manufacturing woes seem to have come to a happy ending, with Oculus claiming “Rift pre-orders have now shipped”, and “new Rift orders are shipping within 2 to 4 business days.”

At last, we’re talking Vive-rivaling waiting times here, with “more Rift demos added at new retail locations across the US”, inventory coming to “select Microsoft Stores”, and an expansion into more than 500 Best Buy physical locations also in the pipeline.

Devs might be even happy to hear the Oculus Connect 3 will be the tech outfit’s largest such conference yet, taking place in San Jose between October 5 and 7, with 50+ technical talks and opportunities scheduled, plus the highly anticipated showcase of the Touch controller, which is “on track” for a commercial launch “later this year.”

Source: Oculus

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