Wild Pokémon Go success predictably causes handful of nasty real-life incidents

Catching them all isn’t going to be easy, requiring way more physical activity than most other games on your mobile device, desktop and even VR headset, but we probably don’t have to stress how a lot of Pokémon Go’s appeal lies in the journey as opposed to the destination, plus the whole real-life sense of community.

Unfortunately, with great success comes great responsibility, and Nintendo and Niantic will soon need to address inherent security concerns for players of the hottest current Android and iOS title. These are pretty diverse and some outright bizarre, ranging from APKs carrying remote access tools to accidents waiting to unfold.

Or rather multiply, since already, we’ve seen reports all over the web of people (lightly) injuring themselves when hunting for Pokémons, one young female gamer discovering a dead body in the Wyoming River, and thieves targeting in-game trainers for real-world gunpoint robberies.

For the most part, we’re talking isolated unfortunate events here. But as Pokémon Go will spread from Australia, New Zealand and the US to select European and Asian markets in a few days, then globally in a matter of weeks tops, it’s wise to remember to look up, be wary of your surroundings, not to mention suspicious activities involving pokestop beacons.

Sources: MacRumors, The Verge

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